How to fix preparing automatic repair loop during Windows start after the latest Windows feature update?

Last updated: 20200730


Our clients have scheduled backups that runs Macrium Reflect, so we can always restore their computer to a certain date should the computer ever crash or become unbootable – see:



HOWEVER, the latest Windows feature update has caused multiple computers across the globe to fail to boot, and get caught in the preparing automatic repair loop – which fails to repair booting, and users can no longer boot and use their computer.


Head to your BIOS, and change the booting device to Windows Boot Manager that is hosted on the correct disk drive!


It seems the latest Windows Feature Update installs a new Windows Boot partition info into the WRONG drive, especially if you have multiple drives on your computer.

We’re unsure what algorithm the Windows update use to pick the drive, but clearly, it’s not working correctly, therefore installing Boot Manager into the wrong drive, and causing a failed boot and repair loop.

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