How convert NSZ to NSP for easy installing on Goldleaf + Quark?

Last updated: 20210509


Step 1:

Download and run


Step 2:

Select “NSZ to NSP”


Step 3:

Set the original NSZ files to unlock read-only.

Select “Open NSZ” and find/select the .NSZ file for converting. It takes about 3 minutes per 1GB of conversion. So if your game is 10GB, it will take up to 30 minutes.

PS: You will not see any progress bar, just “please wait” flashing. That’s normal.


Step 4:

Once complete, your will find your .NSP converted files in the SAME FOLDER where “SAK.exe” is at. Strange.. but that’s that.

Now install your game using the converted .NSP file.




How to turn on your hacked Nintendo Switch after not using it for too long?

Last updated: 20210407

Step 1:

First charge up your Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller, and also the RCMLoader device.


Step 2:

Slot the JIG on the right controller slot.

Hold on to the PLUS button on RCMLoader, to switch to BLUE to load ATMOSPHERE PAYLOAD.

Insert the RCMLoader into Nintendo Switch usb port below.


Step 3:

Hold on to VOLUME UP (+) button and hit the ON button to power on the device.


Step 4:

In Hekake, select EMUNAND.


Emunand with CFW:


Being able to use clean sysnand for online play.

Less likely to be bricked.


Takes up more space, since you need to duplicate the nand.

Sysnand with CFW:

Literally the opposite of above. That’s it.”


That’s it! Your hacked Nintendo Switch should load.



See also: How to run Edizon on a hacked Nintendo Switch?

How to run Edizon on a hacked Nintendo Switch?

How install NSP games on Goldleaf safely to your hacked Nintendo Switch?

Best place to get and download NSPs:


Note that installing Sigpatches without using Fusee-primary.bin –> Atmosphere, can work for some titles.


But if you want all titles to work, you need to make Hekate boot Fusee-primary.bin –> Atmosphere.

Change that by editing hekate_ipl.bin –> Emummc –> fss0 line, replace it with: payload=<where your fusee-primary.bin> is.

(clearly we need to clean up this help doc later so it’s more idiot proof!)



Following the guide at:    (20210426, skip to Launch Goldleaf part at the above page – hit R when running an app to start EDIZON, if you have installed all the apps before… install games to SD CARD)

If it hangs, make sure to UNCHECK ‘Read-only’ for  .NSP file – see:


For Goldleaf to install pirated games on EMUNAND, use SIGPATCHES for ATMOSPHERE:


Download latest for 10.0.4 Sigpatches

Updated to 10.0.2, latest Atmosphere, and sigpatches. Games don’t open. from SwitchPirates

Then install into /atmosphere/exefs_patches and /kip_patches respectively, you should now be able to install games in Goldleaf.

also consider this comment:

I realize you’ve resolved your problem (YAY!!) but i did want to mention and place this here for others.
I had a similar problem a month ago. Updated Firmware, updated CFW and Sigpatches, but somegames wouldnt load, some would. I was able to resolve via booting into Maintenance Mode then exiting without doing anything.
I did have to reinstall a few games, ones I kept trying to launch when troubleshooting.
I feel like even though I put the updated Sigpatches in place, they never took until I ran Maintenance Mode and exited.

To get to Maintenance Mode: Power off. Hold both Vol + and Vol – and keep them held. Hold Power until it starts up then release KEEP VOLUMES HELD. Once its in maintenance mode, you can release Vol buttons. I then just held Power and shut back down.


When trying to connect Wifi safely, boot into SYS CFW, and use Wifi + 90DNS, if you are trying to transfer files over FTPD.

When launching Goldleaf, launch from emunand, and no wifi, and use USB-C cable.


Zadig available here:


Quark.jar comes with Goldleaf at: