How to set up SMTP to use Amazon SES?

Last updated: 20210908


how to use amazon SES SMTP?

1. get SMTP credentials:


2. current smtp server:

Obtain from above help link.


3. verify send out email identities:

4. Add DNS record on Cloudflare

5. wait up to 72 hours:


6. upgrade to move out of sandbox of Amazon SES:

7. turn on Production mode

8. In CI, set $config[‘smtp_crypto’] = ‘tls’;

How to fix Instagram “Something went wrong” when trying to promote a post?

Last updated: 20210529

Step 1:

Open you Instagram

Step 2:

Head to Settings via the TRIPLE stroke button at the TOP RIGHT.

Step 3:

Select “Settings”

Step 4:

Scroll down to “Facebook Accounts Center” at the bottom.

Step 5:

Go through and disconnect all FACEBOOK accounts with your INSTAGRAM.

Step 6:

Head back to the post you want to promote. And hit “Promote”

Step 7:

You will go through connecting the Facebook Accounts again, and this time you can proceed to promote your post.

How to position captions/subtitles on YouTube?

Basically upload the subs to youtube, then redownload as .VTT file.

Open it in notepad and add:  line: 10% to the timing, so it looks like:


00:00:06.120 –> 00:00:11.120 line:10%
how to change the text colour
and positioning of captions.