How to add ZipArchive to your cPanel/WHM site? Fatal error: class ‘ziparchive’ not found

Last updated: 20210608

If you are using WHM, install PHP 7.4 or higher – as PHP 7.2/7.3 on WHM, will not work with below settings/methods.



After installing PHP 7.4, continue with:


If you have WHM available it is easier.

Log in to WHM.

Go to EasyApache 4 (or whatever version u have) under Software tab.

Under Currently Installed Packages click Customize.

Go to PHP Extensions, in search type “zip” (without quotes),

you should see 3 modules

check all of them,

click blue button few times to finish the process.

This worked for me. Thankfully I’ve WHM available.


You will also need to install other extensions that were installed for 7.2 and 7.3 that your website used before.


Now make sure to switch the site PHP version to 7.4

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