How to fix “Disc read error [5.0] ‘xxx .ff’ crash issue with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019?

You need to reinstall the game. Simple as that BUT!

Yes, make sure you DO NOT PAUSE or INTERRUPT the installation throughout the 120GB install from Blizzard

If you do, you risk facing these errors anywhere along the game when you play it later.

How to change League of Legends language to English?

If you’re English speaking and play League of Legends in Taiwan or China, you may want to change League of Legends language to English in your Chinese game.

Change League of Legends language to English

Download the ‘A Chinese-to-English League of Legends patch’ (ACELOL).

change league of legends language to english
A Chinese-to-English League of Legends (ACELOL) patch interface

The usual problem – Language

This language-changing feature is not present in the game itself. Why? I really have no idea. But the process and procedure has been deciphered and tested by many individuals like myself. It’s a tedious process, prone to mistakes, and worst of all, you need to do it EVERY time there is a new patch – And the changes can vary.

That’s where the ACELOL patch comes in. It patches your Chinese League of Legends game into an English interface – so you can play with your Chinese friends while keeping the English interface, at a single click on a button.

How to use

To use, simply:

  1. Download the ACELOL patch.
  2. Quit the League of Legends game.
  3. Run ACELOL patch.
  4. Click ‘Patch’.

That’s it! If something goes wrong, simply click on ‘Restore’.

NOTE: When there is a new game update, DO NOT UPDATE. Read on.

Before updating your game when new game updates are released…

First, before updating your game:

  1. Run ACELOL.
  2. Click ‘Restore’.
  3. Update your League of Legends game.
  4. Repeat the steps in “How to use


Patch author is Taiwanese Celebrity Jeric 陳傑瑞

Just a fun fact, the creator of this patch is a celebrity from Taiwan. You can listen to his music at his youtube channel or facebook page.


how to change league of legends language to english


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