How to enable exec() on your cPanel/WHM account when disable_functions is empty? – warning exec() disabled for security reasons

First, check to see if your PHP-FPM is running for your cPanel account.

Head to WHM > MultiPHP Manager.

If it is turned on for the account, you can edit the directive by clicking on ‘Edit PHP-FPM’.

Scroll down and ‘Edit function list’ for Disabled functions (disable functions) field.

Delete the ‘exec’ item. And Save.

That’s it!

How to refresh your cPanel license after upgrading from cPanel Store?

If you have purchased or upgraded your cPanel license from the cPanel Store. Your license won’t be active by default and it would need to be refreshed.

Once you have payed for your cPanel license on the cPanel Store, open a SSH window (or WHM > Terminal) and type the following command under the root level:


That’s it! The script will run and refresh your license status.

You may now enjoy your new cPanel license with more accounts or features.