How to fix Macbook Pro Retina trackpad/mousepad not working and unresponsive after waking from sleep mode?

It seems resetting the SMC that handles the current during sleep/wake function of your macbook pro retina might work.


Try force touch click on it – then it becomes alive again without need to restart.

“The Force Touch trackpad lets you Force click by pressing on the trackpad and then applying more pressure.”


Hi dominic,

Thanks for your advise. It worked. Had a chat with apple support and solved it.

“…there’s a component on the computer known as the SMC which controls both the sleep/wake function,And the distribution of the battery’s power,Which would include the current shared with the trackpad and its click button,…..try resetting the SMC….To do this, we’ll need to power down the Mac….While the computer is OFF, we’ll hold down shift, control, option and the computer’s power button, all together for ten seconds……..IF you do this right, the computer SHOULD NOT turn on………And it should reset the SMC, which could fix the situation that you’ve been experiencing about the distribution of your computer’s current as it relates to the sleep/wake function and your trackpad click…..”





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