How convert NSZ to NSP for easy installing on Goldleaf + Quark?

Last updated: 20210509


Step 1:

Download and run


Step 2:

Select “NSZ to NSP”


Step 3:

Set the original NSZ files to unlock read-only.

Select “Open NSZ” and find/select the .NSZ file for converting. It takes about 3 minutes per 1GB of conversion. So if your game is 10GB, it will take up to 30 minutes.

PS: You will not see any progress bar, just “please wait” flashing. That’s normal.


Step 4:

Once complete, your will find your .NSP converted files in the SAME FOLDER where “SAK.exe” is at. Strange.. but that’s that.

Now install your game using the converted .NSP file.




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