Last updated: 20200228

There are currently 2 choices when it comes a queue notification tools.

QueuePopper and OverwatchPod (OPOD) from

OPOD is dedicated to the Overwatch Game, while QueuePopper works for multiple games including Overwatch – that usually means if you are an Overwatch player, you will get a better experience if you are using OverwatchPod (OPOD).

Also, OPOD works even when the Overwatch Game is in the background (alt+tab) as you surf the net, watch videos or work. QueuePopper requires the Overwatch Game to be active.

That means you do not have to stay in-game while searching if you use OverwatchPod (OPOD), but you will have to keep your game screen open with QueuePopper.

OPOD also has a mobile tool to accompany the desktop application (to be released in March 2020), that means, even better integration to keep you instantly notified.

So that’s it! These are the apps that tells you when your Overwatch game is starting!


Download QueuePopper here.

Download OPOD – An Overwatch Game Start Notification from here.

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